Viking leather bracelet

VegvisirMjolnir ThorYggdrasillvalknut
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Sturdy leather bracelet with metal inserts with various types of engraving:

VEGVISIR: is an Icelandic protective talisman known as a runic compass.
MJOLNIR: it is the hammer that belonged to Thor, god of thunder and lightning.
YGGDRASILL: it is the cosmic tree, the tree of the world, it is the source of life, it is the source of knowledge and it is the source of destiny. With its branches it supports the nine worlds born of the sacrifice of Ymir.
VALKNUT: is the knot of Odin formed by three intertwined triangles that symbolize hell, heaven and earth, the nine points of the triangles represent the nine worlds of Norse mythology.

Bracelet suitable for modern and steampunk contexts, heavy metal, riders. For lovers of Norse and Viking culture.


Bracelet length: 27 Centimeters; Bracelet width: 3.6 Centimeters

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