Pocket Watch Chain To My Son

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This is a 46mm (2-3/4 inch) battery powered watch with a bright gold over lay. The movement is quartz and should keep accurate time for many years to come. It has a beautiful gold dial with metallic gold Roman Numerals and tiny red military time numbers.

The watch chain is 14 inches in length with fob and pocket/jeans clip. The back of the pocket watch is beautifully designed with a stylized floral embossing, see the last picture above. It feels smooth to the hand, but is lovely.

Personalized Vintage Bronze To My Son Quartz Roman Numeral Pocket Watch

Quality Quartz Movement Pocket watch, it hangs securely from a traditional 14” braided chain. Never be late for another very important date.

Watch type: full hunter pocket watch
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: antique bronze plated alloy and glass
Case diameter: approx. 46mm
Chain length: about 12 inches plus watch and pocket clips
Dial color: gold with metallic gold Numerals
Chain material: antique bronze plated alloy

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