Viking Shirt- Medieval Viking Pirate Linen

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linen, flax, cotton, leather, embroidery


Linen man shirt with ancient viking embroidery and leather belts, made on measure, hand made in Belgium

I made this shirt thinking of time travels. You can go back or forward 1000 years in time because this shirt have no age, it is forever.

You can request other embroidery from my shop that can be sewn directly on the shirt, in other colours.

If you don't want the frayed collar please specify in the comments.

The tunic is made to be worn over pants so it has two cuts on sides. And have a small leather belt system to keep your sleeves rise that could be easily remove (before washing for example).( you could renounce on this).
The normal length is to half of the hip.

Small details could vary

You have a draw with the pictures with the measurements that I use. They may vary 1 inch/2,5 cm

If you don't fit in those measurements or in a usual US size provide me the measurements :
* height and weight (approximate)
*the shoulders width, sleeves and shirt length .

You have a draw with the pictures, follow the main lines and measure a regular
T-shirt or a shirt ( not too tight, not too lose)

Choose carefully the color. I put also samples in the photo gallery with each nuances. Sometimes nuances could a lithe darker or lighter than in the photo or be temporary unavailable in the shop.


Use 30°C (100°F) water for washing with a machine in gentle/delicate mode or hand-washing. Mild laundry detergent should be used. Use extraction (spinning) in a delicate mode or shake it out after washing to simplify the ironing. Air-dry the linen shirt.
Iron the shirt while it is dump at high temperature, or wear it as is.

Please consider that every shirt is a custom order and it takes time to be made: 10-12 days to make and approximate 10-16 days to arrive in USA and 5-10 days for EU. Australia -14 -18 days

I will refund you if the shirt have defects.
Please understand that I work every item individually and I'm one person so I need my time to make the order.

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