Viking bacelet

Metal Color:
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The perfect gift for you and your beloved ones; the runic alphabet will keep the meaning of the bracelets "top secret"
Handmade with love and care just for you, with high quality materials: each bracelet is finished and stamped by hand, so each piece is slightly different from another and this will make your jewel absolutely unique!
Aluminum is a strong and durable material, and it's perfect for jewelry because it won't tarnish over time, won't turn your skin green and is perfect also for sensitive skin.
To take care of your bracelet at best just follow these tips:
- once you'll find the perfect fit, only slightly adjust it if needed: repeatedly bending the bracelet (i.e. open and close it too many times) over time could damage the metal;
- avoid direct contact with water (e.g. shower, pool, sea), as in the long run the black ink that highlights the engravings will fade.
Simple, right? And now... enjoy your new bracelet!

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