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Christmas gift, wooden crossbow DIY kit
A full kit of 46 wooden parts, screws, string, Rubber band and zip ties with instructions booklet. All you need is a small screwdriver.
The cross bow works!!
The crossbow is made of poplar wood 0.118" thick. Total size of the crossbow after assembling 12"X12"
With the kit you get 8 rockets also made of wood, easy assembled with no need of glue.
The crossbow is children friendly. Shooting range is about 10 feet.

Assembly is recommended from 9 y/o and up.
Shooting recommended from 5 y/o and up, with parental supervision.

Have fun twice-
Enjoy assembling the crossbow- it is not hard, but it is challenging.
Have fun shooting stuff, but be careful!

For kids- Do not try to shoot animals or people!!!
It will not make any harm anyway because the rockets are made of wood but still you have to behave!
Or god will break your crossbow!!!!
I will say it again- Do not shoot any animals or people!!!

For men-
Do not shoot one another! I know it is a great men's cave game. I know how fun it is to shoot your buddies, especially after 2 beers. But don't do that!
Do not shoot your office buddies while they are concentrated in something really important, then hide your crossbow and pretend you are doing something else. Do not do that!

And seriously-
Do not shoot animals!!!

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